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PP decorative film is a kind of no painted furniture decorative material which is made by raw material of Polypropylene (PP).Surface of the film handled by special material has function of abrasion resistance, stain resistance and anti electrostatic UV coating processing.Primer used on back of PP decorative film can make PP film adhered with other material strongly.PP decorative film is an ideal choice for environmentally friendly furniture and decorative film.


1.PP decorative film material doesn’t include metal harmful substances,it hasn’t peculiar smell and harm to health.

2. Visual sense of painted pattern on PP decorative film is really true to life.

3.The surface of the film is coated with an anti scratch layer, even if the surface is seriously damaged, the most will appear the traces of the concave and convex, will not damage the anti - layer, the pattern or color of itself will not fall off. Other surface decorative materials cannot do this.

4. Being used in door color of patterns on surface of PP decorative film can’t fade, white is never changed to yellow.

5. Surface of the film has function of stain resistance and electrostatic prevention. It is very easy to clean with ordinary cleaner.

6.There is no color difference on products in same batch.

7.PP decorative film has function of flat press, vacuum press, module press, and special shape coat press, it is very easy to be used in following process.

8. PP decorative film is well sealed against water vapor and formaldehyde’s penetration.

9. No gumming in humility environment.

PP Decorative Film

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