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Bonlex Pet

Bonlex PET decorative film is manufactured from polyester-based materials. No formaldehyde, toluene or acetone is used in manufacture. In addition, the fact that no solvents are used in finishing the p

Super Durable Pvdf Alloy Film

Super Durable PVDF ALLOY FILM PVDF film can resist sunlight 、wind and rain,it is a kind of outdoor industrial film with high efficiency and anti ageing properties.Its multi - structure can protect all

PVC Metal Plate Film

It is widely used on the surface of metal panel. It has good high temperature resistance and durability.Because of high requirement on fire retardant, it is popular on decoration materials like vessel, h

PP Decorative Film

PP decorative film is a kind of no painted furniture decorative material which is made by raw material of Polypropylene (PP).Surface of the film handled by special material has function of abrasion res

PVC Self-Adhesive Decorative

PVC self-adhesive decorative film its advantages are relative wear-resistant, heat-resistant, fire-retardant, acid and alkali resistant, anti oil, fire prevention, easy to clean, price is cheap, and compared to the natural, with no color difference, simple construction, comes with gum.

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